Film Transfer

Glory Years offers the latest technology to transfer your films to DVD or hard disc.

Our trained technicians can convert and transfer any VHS, Beta or camcorder tape (Video 8, Hi8, Digital 8, miniDV, MicroMV, VHS-C, etc.) to DVD or hard drive. We ALSO transfer files from a camcorder hard drive or memory card.

All videotapes age. As the tapes degrade and picture quality drops, it becomes too late to restore it back to its original condition. We convert and transfer your videotapes to DVD, where they will not degrade.

Why should you have your videotapes converted to DVD?

Tape formats do not last forever. The materials used to produce the videotape breakdown with age, even WITH proper storage and care.

According to industry experts, VHS, Beta and camcorder tapes maintain their original quality for an average of only TEN years! Now, think of those tapes in a box up in the hot attic or down in the cold musty basement. Their lifespan has been reduced significantly maybe to the point of unwatchable!

On the other hand, the life expectancy of a DVD is 100+ years, with no decrease in quality no matter how many times it is played.

If you want to share your favorite family memories with your children and your grandchildren, we recommend converting your tapes to a DVD or digital file format that will last for a century or more!

We can digitize and transfer your VHS, Beta and camcorder tapes to DVD. You can pop in your DVD any time, anywhere... and enjoy those memories.

We can also make duplicates of your new DVDs, so you can share them with family and friends. Duplicate copies, stored at a different location, serve as a backup copy to protect you against the loss of your home movies should something happen to your original DVD's.


The types of film that can be converted are:
  • 8mm film - Used primarily from 1932 to mid-1960's
  • Super 8mm film - Used from April 1965 to the 1990's
  • 16mm film - Introduced for home use in 1923

Movies on processed 8mm or Super 8mm film are typically found on 50-foot reels, which are 3" in diameter. Movies on processed 16mm film are typically found on 100-foot reels, which are 4" in diameter. Previously consolidated 8mm or Super 8mm films are found on 4" reels (100 feet), 5" reels (200 feet), 6" reels (300 feet) and 7" reels (400 feet). Previously consolidated 16mm films are typically found on 7" reels (400 feet) or larger, such as 8" reels (600 ft), 10" reels (800 feet) and 12" reels (1200 ft).

How do we do it?

To capture your precious 8mm film, we use TRUE frame-by-frame scanning.

We capture only a full and accurate image of each and every frame of your film eliminating partial frames, which degrade the viewing quality.

We carefully examine the film for any defects, such as torn sprocket holes, burns, or otherwise unusable footage. Any such sections of film are carefully repaired, or removed if necessary.Then, all of your film is cleaned and conditioned by hand. Dust, mildew, and other particles will cause significant reduction in image quality. We remove all contaminants in order to give you the cleanest, clearest picture possible.